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Administration Services

I offer tailor made services and packages to suit your unique needs and provide Virtual Services which include the following:

Email Management

Monitoring your emails can be a full time job, making sure you respond to emails, follow up emails, filing emails away and making sure you have captured any actions from your emails. I monitor emails to make sure all of this happens, so you don't have to worry about missing anything.

Diary Management

Diary Management - have you ever had a client show up for a coaching session that you weren't expecting? Or worse, have you had that call asking where you are because you totally missed diarising it? Are you managing several different diaries and becoming overwhelmed by the task of making sure you don't double book yourself? I can manage your many different diaries and hold all the pieces of the puzzle so your appointments all fit together. I can also help you make sure you make time for everything else that needs to get done in the business, including the business development, content creation and follow up that are so easy to forget to schedule in, yet are so vital to the growth of your business.

Financial Management

Are clients paying you on time? Are you invoicing your clients on time? Do you forget to log your expenses? Getting your invoices out there on time and no scramble at the year end to get everything to your accountant in order to avoid late filing fees, all of which can be done by a Virtual Assistant.

Travel and Event Management

Are you running a workshop and drowning in emails from attendees, and making calls to the venue to make sure everything is in place, have you booked your accommodation and travel to and from the venue? An event can bring in a lot of money but it can drain your time and energy. If you want to focus on making sure the attendees get the best out of you, I can organise, manage and co-facilitate any event.


Have you written a giveaway for your website, written your copy for your website or simply want someone to proofread an email? Sometimes you can be too close to the document and it helps to have a fresh pair of eyes to spot any grammatical errors, spelling or simply if the document flows. I can advise of any errors on the page and can look at anything through the eyes of a prospective client for you.

Task Management

Capturing the countless tasks you receive throughout your day can be a challenge. All tasks will be captured in a way that creates space in your head. When your head is full of tasks, you may find it more difficult to be creative or to truly relax.  This stops you delivering at your best and being present for your clients and prospects. I will help you to let go of the tasks until you need to complete them, or I will complete them for you!

Project Management

Are you re-branding, writing a book, or completing a degree. I can help build a project plan and milestones and hold you to account to make sure the project stays on track.

Other Administration

CRM management and maintenance
Preparation of any material
Social Media management
Database creation and maintenance

If a service is not included on the above list, please get in touch.

Benefits of My Administration Services

You only pay for the work completed and won't need to pay for recruitment or ongoing employee costs, like holiday or sick pick, or extended lunch breaks!
I am flexible and can work around your business needs.
I treat confidentiality with paramount importance, so you can rest assured that your clients' data is safe.
Your clients do not need to know that you are outsourcing your work, yet it can also provide credibility to your business that you have a Personal Assistant.

Most importantly: You are able to focus on what you want to be working on in your business.

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